Frequency Specific Microcurrent

A therapeutic tool that I use extensively in my practice is Frequency Specific Microcurrent, abbreviated FSM.

I’ve studied FSM since 2004.  Carolyn McMakin, D.C. has been my mentor and a true pioneer in this field.  Dr. McMakin has specialized in chronic pain management, specifically utilizing the combination of FSM and chiropractic care for the last decade.  She also has worked with elite and professional athletes to speed healing and improve performance.  Many professional football players utilize her protocols to help them deal with the ongoing traumas of that sport.

FSM is energy medicine at it’s best.

The equipment delivers electrical current in themilliamperage range, literally millionths of an amp.  This is a physiological range of current, so it is subsensory which means you don’t feel the current.

There are two therapeutic effects to FSM.   One is the current itself, which increases cellular ATP.  ATP is the energy currency of the cell.  It takes energy to heal, so increased ATP can speed healing.  Many brands ofmicrocurrent machines deliver this therapeutic effect.  However, Frequency Specific Microcurrent has additional benefits.

The second therapeutic effect is two channels of specific frequencies.

The A channel frequencies are for the condition that you’re trying to influence or heal – and the B channel frequencies are for the tissue type.  For example, if you’re trying to heal a broken bone, the A channel frequencies would include frequencies for torn or broken, trauma, and inflammation, and the B channel frequencies would be the specificfrequencies for bone.   In my clinical experience, the speed of bone healing is greatly accelerated with FSM.

The latest innovation in FSM is their Custom Care Unit.  This is a small scale, completely programmable unit that can be purchased by patients and customized to their particular health care needs.  I can program your Custom Care Unit from my computer software.  Each Unit holds around 50 different protocols, which means it can address 50 different healing issues that you and your family might want to address.  It’s truly a remarkable self-care tool and very empowering to have when an acute situation arises, such as spraining an ankle, getting the flu, getting a concussion, or experiencing a shock or loss.  For chronic issues, it saves you money in the long run as you can continue to treat yourself on goingly at home.

Check out the website for more information.  I predict that in the near future, we’ll all have our own personal Custom Care Units to help us heal from old traumas, address acute trauma, maximize our functional health and protect and restore our organ reserves.

If this modality interests you, I am happy to discuss your needs with you and give you access to this non-invasive, effective healing tool.

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